All about the use and Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Virgin Coconut oil is created by extracting oil from matured coconuts. It is safe to eat and has been used by many people in the tropics and exotic areas of the world to help provide fat in the diets of the people. Within these areas, the oil is also used for common things such as medicine, consumption in food, and many items that are related to commerce in the region. The oil itself can be used for up to two years before it may possibly become stale. Because it has high levels of fat, this allows it to be resistant to becoming rancid over a period of time.

During the 1970s, the United States Food and Drug Association, British National Health Service, World Health Organization, and several other organizations began to recommend that people only use coconut oil and palm oil lightly or moderately because of the saturated fat that is present in the oil. Because of this, many companies began to replace these oils with trans fats, which have been proven to be dangerous. Although the organizations warned against a large consumption of coconut oil, there remains to be many positive benefits which have also been noted with its use. For example, because of the amount of lauric acid that is present in the oil, blood cholesterol levels can be raised positively with the addition of HDL cholesterol from oil intake.

The common myth that is associated with coconut oil is that it is not healthy for the heart. Generally this belief is due to the warning on consumption placed on the oil in the 1970s. However, the lauric acid found in the oil is actually beneficial in fighting high blood pressure. It should also be noted that it only raises HDL cholesterol levels and not LDL, which is the level to watch out for. Many claim that it is able to help provide the nutrients needed for arteries to heal and repair themselves, which prevents serious conditions such as atherosclerosis in the future

Lauric acid is also used by the body in a variety of ways. The body is able to convert lauric acid into monolaurin, which many believe is crucial in allowing the body to be able to fight off elements such as bacteria and viruses. Some people have claimed that lauric acid and the high amounts found in coconut oil are essential for dealing with illnesses such as the flu, mononucleosis, herpes, and even HIV. Although these claims have not been scientifically proven yet, there are many studies that are being devoted to discovering what role coconut oil is able to play in treating these illnesses.

The benefits of coconut oils available are extensive. Whether you are looking to focus on weight loss, raise your immunity levels, or improve your digestion, the oil is able to offer something to almost everyone. If you are interested in incorporating this well-known oil into your diet, you may want to consult with your doctor for some additional guidance on where to begin.